Player Prop Week 15 - Cam Akers

FFL Flash Alert - Jared Quay offers up his favorite player prop for Week 15.

Video Transcript

- A tough scene. I'm going to go with the player who's actually ascending, as opposed to on the downward slope of their career. That's Cam Akers, over 68 and 1/2 rushing yards. I mean, give me a break. This is an easy smash over.

This guy is 53 touches over the last two games. Looks firmly installed as the team's workhorse. Like, I know people are [INAUDIBLE] Sean McVay says it's going to be a committee. I don't know why they would just turn away from this guy when he's been absolutely falling out of the second most total yards last week among any running back.

So yeah, in a positive game script, they should be playing against the Jets, just run it up the clock. Like, we know that this Rams team can run the hell out of the ball. Cam Akers is doing a great job with that right now. I can't see any scenario where he doesn't clear this number on the ground.