Player Prop Week 7 - Baker Mayfield

Will the Browns QB throw for over 236.5 yards in his Week 7 matchup vs. the Bengals.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Let's head over to the sportsbook to make some money with a few player props we like from Andy, kick us off.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I'm going to look at Baker Mayfield here. The number on his passing yards this week-- 236 and 1/2. And that is not where Baker Mayfield lives this season. In 4 of 6 games, he's actually under 200 passing yards.

When everything is on schedule and on script for Cleveland, he's probably thrown the ball like 25 times. That is just the nature of the offense. They run to win. That is how they beat Cincinnati earlier this season.

So maybe you like the possibility of a back and forth match-up against the Bengals. Earlier this year, it was 219 and two touchdowns for Mayfield. Like, I think he's playable in fantasy, but I would be very surprised if he goes North of this number.