Player Prop Week 9 - Nick Foles

Will the Bears QB throw an interception in his matchup vs. the Titans?

Video Transcript

- OK. I think I'm the first person this season to just let it ride on a bet that he had the week prior. I'm going right back to Nick Foles. Won that bet last week on Nick Foles throwing an interception.

And oh, it's out there for me again. Just sitting there. I know it's a little pricier this time. But half an interception, are you kidding me? He's literally thrown at least one interception in every game this season.

It is happening today as well. The guy's throwing the ball 40 plus times per week. His offensive line is terrible. And now he's got a couple guys on the COVID list. There is just no question Nick Foles, even if they win, he's throwing at least one pick in this one. It's a great money making opportunity.