Which players are you thankful for in 2020?

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, the FFL crew explains which players they are thankful for this year, including a running back in Jacksonville.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: Which player, I have to ask, have you been most thankful for this season? Andy, why don't you start us off?

ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, you know, I talked about James Robinson at the top of last week's show, and I think I gotta go back to him here. He's basically the waiver add-- either the preseason or the Week 1 waiver add that has erased some of my worst fantasy mistakes. Pretty much all those leagues where I tied myself to Zeke Elliott and that hasn't worked out, or I chose Michael Thomas in the first round, that all gets washed away if you have James Robinson on the roster because he never lets you down. He's got 90-plus scrimmage yards seven times already this year. They throw to him. He's just been an absolute godsend for fantasy owners.

LIZ LOZA: Matt, what about you? Has there been a waiver wire godsend, like James Robinson for Andy?

MATT HARMON: No, not a waiver wire guy, but I'm extra thankful for Terry McLaurin.


MATT HARMON: Because when you hype up a player all offseason--


MATT HARMON: --and you know he's like, kind of in a weird situation with the Washington football team and their quarterback situation, you got to kind of be like, OK, how is this gonna go? But McLaurin has made it easy.

It doesn't matter who's under center. The guy's producing like a literal top 10 wide receiver. So I'm thankful for you, Terry McLaurin. I'm grateful that you are part of the reason that I look good this year. And that's really all I care about, in reality.


LIZ LOZA: Tank, what about you? Who are you grateful for?

TANK WILLIAMS: Man, I'm thankful for Derrick Henry. Like, that was the guy that I targeted early in a lot of drafts and I got him. And even though he hasn't like, come out like he normally does in the winter, like, he's still like, probably top three running back across all leagues. And I think most importantly, when he stiff-armed Josh Norman into like, IR for like, a few weeks like--


TANK WILLIAMS: --that was a gift that just kept on giving on social media for like, weeks on end. It's still giving. So Derrick Henry, you my guy.

LIZ LOZA: All right, well, I also have a running back that I hyped and was a little bit nervous about over the offseason. And it is hands down Josh Jacobs. He's playing like an absolute stud. He's touching the ball 23 times a game. He's top five in yards created, tackles evaded, and touchdowns converted. In all of the leagues in which I have Jacobs, I am heading to the playoffs. Cannot say the same of the others.