Playground slide at Civitan Park vandalized

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May 14—The bottom of a slide in the playground at Dalton's Harlan Godfrey Civitan Park has been taped over, just to make sure people see the large hole near the bottom. And the top of the slide has been boarded up to make sure no children slide down.

"The slide was vandalized," said Interim Parks and Recreation Director Greg Walker. "We don't know when. It was reported to me not this past weekend but the weekend before that. But it's my understanding it has been like that for some time."

Kim Brown, who was at the park with her granddaughter Sophie, said the hole has been in the slide for "a long time. Weeks, maybe months. I'm not sure."

Walker said as soon as he became aware of the issue he asked the city finance committee for approval to replace the playground and the committee approved up to $190,000.

"It's what we call a module of playground structure," he said. "It's all integrated. If it was just something we could take off, we would."

The money for the replacement will come out of capital funds.

Walker said now that funding has been approved he will put the replacement out for bids "as soon as possible." He said he can't estimate how long it will take to replace.

"Steel is hard to find and the cost of wood is through the roof," he said. "I don't know if there will be any production delays because of inability to get materials or because of COVID-19. I just know we recognize we are moving on this as quickly as we can."

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