Plea for vaccines as NJ walk-in site inundated

The mayor of Paterson, NJ, called on the Biden administration to provide more coronavirus vaccines Wednesday. The city's walk-in site again drew more people than it had vaccines available. (Jan. 20)

Video Transcript

ANDRE SAYEGH: And so we're doing our part in Paterson, but our plea to the president, give us the vaccines and we'll finish the job. We have 700 people today and we can accommodate far more. But the only issue is that we don't have enough vaccine. We asked for 7,000 doses this week and we only received 2,000. Give us the vaccine and we'll finish the job.

People ask, why aren't you taking an appointment? We've heard horror stories about the appointment system. We hear that people have been waiting for weeks. So that's why we're saying we embrace President Biden's ambitious plan to inoculate 100 million Americans in 100 days. We have Americans here and we can do more Americans. We're doing the whole state.