Please, Subaru, Bring This Australian 2022 WRX Sportswagon to the U.S.

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Photo credit: Subaru Australia
Photo credit: Subaru Australia

STOP THE PRESSES! Wait, actually we need those. RESTART THE PRESSES!

News of a revised Subaru WRX hatchback is ping-ponging around the internet today, after Subaru dropped this teaser video confirming a wagon variant for the next-gen WRX in Australia. This has us more than excited.

The video layers tons of historic rally footage over some spectacular marketing one-liners, such as "In Australia, the forests were dominated by the possum and Subaru." More importantly, it confirms the existence of a Sportswagon variant for the next generation of the much-loved WRX.

The video confirms some specs, too. Namely, a 2.4-liter direct injected turbocharged boxer four, as the Subi gods intended, paired to a "Sport Lineartronic performance transmission" with a "tuned 8-speed paddle shift." This is a less-spectacular marketing one-liner, code for Subaru's loathsome CVT (boo! hiss!). And the video makes no mention of a stick shift (also boo! more hiss!).

While the hatchback WRX hasn't been available in the U.S. market since 2014, it hasn't strayed from our hearts and minds. The hatch endeared itself to U.S. buyers over several iterations with a Goldilocks combination of practicality, performance, and geeky rally charm.

We've reached out to Subaru's U.S.-based communications team to ask whether some form of wagon might possibly reach our shores with the next generation of WRX, and will update this post with any information we receive in return. While we won't hold our breath, we'll cling to the dream that one day Subaru will offer its funky turbocharged lump with five doors and a stick between the seats. When that day comes, Subarus shall truly rule the forests again. Well, along with the the possums.

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