Please Touch Museum opens to members for first time in over a year

A Philadelphia institution has reopened and ready to welcome families back.

Video Transcript

- I've got some good news. A Philadelphia institution is reopening and ready to finally welcome back families. After being closed for more than 58 weeks, the Please Touch Museum-- one of my kid's favorites-- will be open to members starting today.

The Please Touch Museum has implemented even more safety measures and protocols to keep visitors safe. Children can look forward to new exhibits, including a 5,000 square foot gallery, asking the question, if you could change the world, how would you do it? And what would it look like? President and CEO, Patricia Wellenbach, says, this reopening has extraordinary significance.

PATRICIA WELLENBACH: Being ready and open to visitors, and welcoming them again is a sign that there is hope on the horizon, and that kids can once again play in communities in their neighborhoods and in the museum.

- Visitors will be required to wear masks. And the museum will have scheduled sessions with a limited amount of people for each visit. The museum will open to the public April 22.

My kids are teenagers. They still talk about wanting to go back. I mean, they love the museum. I said, maybe we can borrow some of these little kids, and you won't feel too funny going there again.

- They could do a babysitting.

- Right.

- It's just one of the best. It really is.

- Yeah, it's a great place. Great place.