COVID vaccine supply appears to outpace demand in NYC

For the first time, supply appears to be outpacing demand in the city. And that's despite the temporary loss of the single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Video Transcript

SHIRLEEN ALLICOT: The Johnson & Johnson pause will last until at least next Friday. That is when the CDC advisory panel will hold its next emergency meeting about the single-dose vaccine. They are currently investigating rare blood clots in people who got the shot.

In New York, vaccinations are still available despite the pause. Eyewitness News reporter Diana Rocco is live on Manhattan's West side with more. Diana?

DIANA ROCCO: And Shirlene, good morning. There are plenty of appointments available here at the Javits Center, one of the very busy state-run sites. They will be offering the Pfizer vaccine after that J&J shot was put on hold, at least temporarily.

State officials want everyone to know there are plenty of vaccine available by appointment only here at the Javits Center. At one point, they had thousands of appointments available yesterday. And yesterday, the city's open air 24/7 vaccine hub at the Brooklyn Army Terminal was very busy.

The Javits Center had thousands of unbooked appointments, at least early yesterday morning. Local officials say that is not because of reduced demand, but rather increased capacity. There has also been discussion that the vaccine could become a yearly shot like the flu shot. We did hear that from the Pfizer CEO yesterday, who says it is possible some may need a third round next year.

However, this morning there is growing concern after the single-shot J&J vaccine has been put on hold due to that blood clotting issue and one death. That's on hold till next Friday, when the CDC will make an official recommendation whether or not to continue that shot. They decided yesterday that it needed further review. The city and state say they have plenty of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to cover those J&J appointments.

BILL DE BLASIO: It's clearly slowed us down a little bit, but not much. We are going to keep moving forward. We're just going to roll right past this. We've got other supply that's actually increased for Moderna and Pfizer. That's great. So it doesn't change our game plan. It doesn't change our approach.

DIANA ROCCO: And so far, at least half of all eligible new Yorkers have received at least one shot of the vaccine.