Plot Twist After Mom Gets Call From Daughter's School: 'She's Leaving With A Strange Man Every Day'

TikTok user @HeyShanTaqTV shared the extreme panic she felt after discovering her daughter was leaving school every day with a strange man.

Like most families, @HeyShanTaqTV and her daughter had a typical school transportation routine. But one day, the TikTok creator got a call that was far from normal.

In her video, the mom recounted the scary experience, saying, “So, I received a call from my daughter’s school saying that she had been leaving the school with a strange man every day — and it was not her dad.”

She continued, with her voice full of emotion, “I was trembling. My heart was beating outside of my chest. I’ve always made it a point to tell the school that if my daughter leaves with someone outside of ourselves, they need to contact us immediately.”

“They described this man: They said he was tall, stubby, looked like he was out of shape, his hair was fragile, he had a light mustache,” the mother mentioned. “It was … my God. I was shaking.”

Dramatically pausing, she continued, “I asked them did they have any proof; they sent over a photo. My heart started beating. I started whimpering. I was shocked.”

She looked into the camera, almost near tears, and concluded the story, “It was me without my wig! It was me, y’all!”

@HeyShanTaqTV’s hilarious plot twist video on TikTok has gained over 1 million views.

Her channel is subtitled “Free Holistic Giggles,” and judging by the 30K comments, it’s clear she provides her followers with lots of those.

“This is why they don’t want you on your phone while driving…almost drove off the road cause I was crying laughing!” wrote user @Kglant27.

“I went from concerned to dead in 10 seconds,” @AmandaandBryanCaldw shared.

“Omg I was ready to get in my car and help you find your baby. I am crying,” said @mhouston69.

“Oh no!!! This is hilarious!!!! But I feel bad that they described you like that,” @michellerynae69 added.

@HeyShanTaqTV hasn’t made a follow-up video for the comical video, but we hope the funny mom made sure she slayed her wig before picking up her daughter the next day.

The TikTok creator is one of the app’s popular moms. Her content revolves around her family and the daily shenanigans they get into.

Here’s another hilarious video from the TikTok mom, this time showcasing an uncomfortable conversation between her and her teenage son.


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