Plymouth police officers save suicidal veteran suffering from PTSD

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Police officers in Plymouth are being hailed as heroes after saving a suicidal veteran suffering from PTSD Tuesday afternoon.

Dispatch received a call from a woman in hysterics who said her boyfriend was on the phone saying his final goodbyes to her, according to Plymouth Police. The man was in his car and the woman says he was going to kill himself.

Officers sprung into action and quickly located the car in a parking lot in West Plymouth.

Police say the suicidal man had wrapped a chain to a tree and tied the chain around his neck while sitting in the drivers seat of his car. Officer Roth was the first man on scene saw the car inching forward. With some quick thinking in an extremely tense situation, he convinced the man to stop.

Officer Torrance and Sgt. Reddington arrived shortly thereafter and found out the man was a USMC Marine who was suffering from the effects of PTSD. Being veterans themselves, the two officers were able to share experiences of their time in the service, which seemed to put the man a bit at ease.

While Officer Torrance and Sgt. Reddington were talking to the distressed man, Officer Whelan moved his cruiser in front of the car so that it couldn’t pull forward any further. He then pulled a second cruiser in front of the car for good measure.

Eventually, police were able to convince the man to put the car in park and give up his keys and a razor he was holding. They then removed the chains from his neck.

A clinician from the Plymouth Police Department, Abby, helped the distress man with treatment options.

The team effort of Officers Torrance, Whelan, Roth and Sergeant Reddington saved a life today in an extremely stressful circumstance.

If you or a loved one are suffering from the effects of PTSD, click here for more information.

A woman called the station hysterical. She was on the phone with her boyfriend who was saying his last goodbyes. He...

Posted by Plymouth Police Department on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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