Pod of humpback whales 'greet' small boat of people off California coast

This is the moment a boat was surrounded by magnificent humpback whales in Monterey, California.The footage was shot off the coast of California's historic Fisherman's Wharf from a boat operated by Chris' Fishing and Whale Watching, which offers deep-sea fishing and whale-watching cruises in the Pacific Ocean waters beyond Monterey Bay.A spokesman for the company said: 'Their sheer size and dominance must be experienced in person to fully understand the magnitude of the wonderful animals we have on this planet.'The reaction of most people is jaw-dropping. From cheers to just silence from the best show on Earth.'Monterey is a stopping point for many species of whales throughout the year. Blue whales, Killer whales, humpbacks, greys, dolphins, otters, and many, many more!'Sea-life is abundant in Monterey Bay.'Asked if there was any danger to the whales or people, the spokesman added: 'No danger with the Whales. The Whales in Monterey have become inquisitive and friendly. We as humans should always put their protection and care first.'