Podcast: What to expect at the Supreme Court this year


The U.S. Supreme Court (credit: angela n.)

* Producer’s Note: We the People’s “The Candidates and the Constitution” series resumes on October 6.

The upcoming term at the United States Supreme Court promises to be unlike any the country has seen in years.

The new year begins per tradition on the first Monday in October; the Justices will hear their first oral arguments on Tuesday, October 4. Thirty-nine cases have been accepted for review, including eight that were accepted after this show was recorded, among them two cases about free speech and the First Amendment.

The Supreme Court was also active over the summer, releasing orders about voting rights and transgender rights, among other issues.

Above all, there remains deep uncertainty about who will fill the vacancy left by Justice Antonin Scalia and what that means for the term ahead.

Joining We the People to discuss the latest news from the high court are two leading Court watchers and legal advocates.

John Malcolm is the Director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, and the Ed Gilbertson and Sherry Lindberg Gilbertson Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Michele Jawando is Vice President for Legal Progress at the Center for American Progress.

This show was engineered by David Stotz and produced by Nicandro Iannacci. Research was provided by Lana Ulrich and Tom Donnelly. The host of We the People is Jeffrey Rosen.

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