Podcast host Mariah Smith pinpoints the 'high points' and 'low points' in reality TV history

Mariah Smith is a writer known for her reality TV expertise. Gibson Johns interviews Mariah about her new podcast Spectacle, in which she does deep dives on all of our favorite unscripted shows, and gets her thoughts on various hot-button issues surrounding "The Bachelor," "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," "The Voice," "Real Housewives" and more. They also chat about the importance of representation on TV, the role of the host on reality shows and more.

Video Transcript

MARIAH SMITH: I think I totally agree with you that representation does matter in these shows. And even if we're talking about this season of "The Bachelor," where I did see more women of color who looked like me, they weren't getting as much screen time. So I think that there is a ripple effect of-- or not even a ripple effect.

It's sort of like stilted domino effect of like one thing has to fall for the next one to fall into place as well. And we're not seeing that happen as quickly as I would like to. But it's like baby steps.

And even on shows like "Potomac," or "Atlanta," I love seeing all these Black women on screen. But why do we have to be segregated like that?

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. Yeah, totally.

MARIAH SMITH: That's something that I think needs to be fixed as well. So I feel like there are high points and low points in terms of the representation that we're seeing on reality TV today.