Podiatrist Approved Foot Care Products

The five products you should always have on hand for healthy (and stinky-free) feet.

Video Transcript

DR EJODAMEN SHOBOWALE: I believe that the feet are the tires of the body. We need to keep them in tip-top shape. So today, I'm going to show you products that you absolutely need to have to keep your feet going.


The foot has about 200 million sweat glands. But what comes with the sweat is the smell, so we have this product right here. It's from Barefoot Scientists. It's called Twinkle Toes. It's actually a foot deodorant. So you can take your shoes off in public and not have to worry that you're going to clear the room with stinky feet.

The next product I'm going to recommend is this foot moisturizer. Now, it's called Urea 40, but it also has salicylic acid in it. Now, the reason why I really love this moisturizer is urea. In low percentages, it actually pulls moisture from the environment into your skin. And in high percentages, it actually breaks down that thickened, keratinized layer of skin that is preventing moisture from coming in.

The next product I'm going to talk about is a callus softener. How much do I love this product? Look at the big gallon that I have in my office. So we give this to any and everyone who has a callus. The callus softener is super-concentrated chemicals that literally break down the skin-- the dead skin-- in minutes. I recommend it to my patients. I use it myself, and it is something that's absolutely awesome for foot care.

The next product I'm going to talk about is this pain relief cream. This is the Holy Grail of topical pain relief. Anything that's causing inflammation, this is great because the key ingredient in this is an anti-inflammatory medication. And so sprains or aches, heel pain, swelling, any discomfort in your foot or your ankle-- this will be great.

All right, the last part I'm going to talk about is this bunion cushion or splint. The idea of this is that it has silicone in here that helps to cushion that area where you have a bony prominence. And so this is something that you can use before you see your doctor or if you're not ready to fix your bunion or have any surgery. This is absolutely necessary to just help you with pain relief.

And lastly, my biggest tip for foot health is to look at your foot every day. It's amazing that you may miss things just because you don't look at it. And also, one more-- moisturize. It's also skin in your foot, and we need to keep it healthy.

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