Podoliak: We are ready for any scenarios with regard to Belarus

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Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that Russia needs rumours about a possible attack on Ukraine from the territory of Belarus in order to increase panic among Ukrainians.

Source: Podoliak on Instagram

Podoliak: "Regarding Belarus. Regarding all these speculations that literally tomorrow or the day after tomorrow an offensive will certainly begin.  We understand exactly what is happening on the territory of Belarus and are ready for any scenarios. We have everything ready for this from a defence point of view on the Ukraine–Belarus border."

Details: According to Podoliak, Russia needs all this information to increase the panic in Ukraine.

He noted that "if Lukashenko needs to have it proven to him that the Belarusian army does not exist, then they can do it (attack Ukraine – ed.)".

The representative of the Office of the President of Ukraine added that in the event of a real threat of an offensive by Belarus, the authorities will definitely warn citizens about it.


  • On 1 July, it became known that the exercises of the Armed Forces of Belarus on the country's training grounds had once again been extended. They will last until at least 9 July.