Podolyak muses on how ‘Russian army will disintegrate after defeat’

Mykhailo Podolyak
Mykhailo Podolyak

Podolyak warned that Russia will soon resort to certain offensive actions, but that these would inevitably result in the loss of many personnel, forces and funds.

“Russians will continue to flee (from the country),” Podolyak said.

“Meanwhile, they will receive even more dead, while the wounded and amputees will take to the streets of Russian cities en masse and protest violently. A social protest, rather than a political one, will spread across the territory of Russia because of loved ones lost in the war.”

Podolyak said internal feuds would then begin in the circle of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, with everyone looking for scapegoats to blame for Russia’s defeat.

Meanwhile, Ukraine will restore its territory of 1991, and a political transformation will begin in Russia.

Some Russian federal subjects will get an opportunity to achieve independence, and will probably use it, Podolyak predicted.

“Nuclear weapons will be controlled in one way or another, in particular by the remnants of the Russian generalship. Therefore, there are no big risks of it appearing on the black market or being (...) uncontrolled,” Podolyak added.

Podolyak is also confident that a post-defeat provisional government of the Russian Federation would start real negotiations regarding acknowledging responsibility for crimes in Ukraine and regarding demilitarization zones on the border, and on paying significant compensations for the Russian military’s killings and destruction in Ukraine.

“The date of implementation of this scenario depends on the tools that Ukraine has — on when Ukraine will receive the exact number of clearly defined weapons,” Podolyak wrote.

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