David Pogue's high-tech holiday gift guide

David Pogue's high-tech holiday gift guide

Enjoy this holiday preview from the writers of Yahoo Tech, which opens for real in January! See all of our holiday articles here, and like us on Facebook for more.

Still looking for something exciting and electronic for that special someone this holiday season?

Well, there may not be too many more days of Christmas shopping left -- get to a mall before it's too late, people! -- but never fear: David Pogue has plenty of gee-whiz, high-tech gift recommendations that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest gadget hound. We've got a connected "smart fork" that can make sure you're not stuffing your face too fast; one of the handiest, sharpest cameras you've ever snapped a photo with; and a magical gadget that can make your daily walk on the treadmill the most exciting 30 minutes (or 3 minutes, no judgment!) of your day.

You'll get the down-low on all those and many more, as David digs through a literal heap of packages and tester units in search of the stuff that will make you (or Santa) a Christmas hero.

Dig in below for Pogue's Christmas gift picks.

Part Two:

 And Part Three:

Didn't see anything that struck your fancy? Never fear! David Pogue has even more choices for holiday shoppers here; Dan Tynan has an online shopping guide if you're buying for babies, grandparents, or anyone in between; and Rob Walker has hand-selected some of the most bizarre collisions of art and technology that would make great stocking stuffers for the oddball in your life. And after you're done shopping: Why not check out the rest of the articles in our Yahoo Tech holiday preview? You'll be glad you did!