Pojoaque Gov. Talachy resigns in Facebook post

Sean P. Thomas, The Santa Fe New Mexican
·2 min read

Feb. 23—Joseph Talachy resigned as governor of Pojoaque Pueblo on Saturday, just over two months after winning reelection in the Pueblo's December election.

Talachy announced the resignation in a Facebook post in which he thanked people for the opportunity to serve for the past 11 years — five as lieutenant governor and six as governor.

Jenelle Roybal is the pueblo's lieutenant governor. She did not return telephone and email messages Monday.

"It has been an honor to have served the Pueblo of Pojoaque for the past 11 years in leadership!" Talachy wrote on Facebook. "May the foundation that has been laid be built upon! Thank you to all of the family and people who have been so supportive and for the trust you had in me. I pray I have served you well!"

Later, he wrote: "I leave with a good heart, with no ill feelings and with hope for the best for our future leadership."

Talachy said in an interview he was debating whether to run in December, but wanted to see the pueblo through the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the coronavirus remains a serious threat, Talachy said he felt Pojoaque was in a good enough position that he could resign in good faith.

He said he feels the pueblo is in a better place now than when he came into a leadership position.

"I hope the leadership can grab the ball and run with it," Talachy said. "I got us to the 3-yard line, now we just need to punch it in."

He said he plans to focus on his wife and five daughters and his new business, Indigenous Arms, which will center around his passion for outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

"I prioritized the pueblo over my family for the past 11 years," Talachy said. "Now it's time to spend some time with them."

Talachy said he intends to remain a visible member of the Pojoaque community post-resignation.

"I am just happy for this opportunity that my people gave me," Talachy said. "I keep telling people I am resigning from the position. I didn't die."