Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Guides Your Day

LAS VEGAS — Further complementing its line of wearable fitness devices, Polar announced the A300, a wristband-style tracker that not only keeps tabs on your daily — and nightly — movements, but can also analyze your activities and workouts to help you better achieve your goals.

Available for $139, the Polar A300 is as comfortable to wear as Polar's other fitness trackers. Its silicone strap is similar to that of the Polar M400, but on the A300 is removable; the company sells straps in black, white, pink, blue, yellow and gray for $25 each. While it lacks a built-in heart monitor, the A300 from Polar with the chest strap A7 heart rate sensor for $179.

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Like its competition, the A300 can measure your steps, calories burned, active time and sleep (restful and restless). It can also send notifications to your wrist and smartphone when you've been sitting for too long. However, Polar's value add is its smart coaching features, which offers feedback on your daily activities, and, through Polar's Flow app, can provide insights into your training sessions.

I like that one of the features found in the M400 has made it to the A300; a fitness test that measures your heart rate before and after activities to see how well you're progressing. Of course, using this feature requires a heart rate monitor.

The A300 has 4GB of built-in memory, good for about 60 days of activity tracking, and will last about 1 month on a charge. To recharge the device, simply pop it out of its wristband and plug it into a USB port. It's also water-resistant enough for you to take it swimming.

Price-wise, the A300's direct competition will be devices such as the Fitbit Charge, which has a smaller display, but offers diet tracking, a feature lacking in the Polar Flow app. However, for those looking for more detailed coaching on their fitness goals.

We're looking forward to getting sweaty with the A300; stay tuned for our full review.

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