Aw together now! Polar bear cub steps on snow for first time

In the two months Toronto Zoo's polar bear cub has been alive, he's achieved some adorable firsts, each documented by zoo officials in irresistible videos.

On Nov. 15, six days after his birth, he began to make purring sounds. Two days later, on Nov. 17, he began crawling. On Nov. 23, he rolled over for the first time.

On Jan. 6, the cooing cub took his first steps — a milestone that has racked up more than 5 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube.

A week later, he took his first bath. And on Jan. 14, the cub was introduced to snow for the first time.

According to wildlife officials, these made-for-viral moments are not only cute, they're important: "The first three months of a cub's life are critical for its survival," the zoo explained on its website.

On Nov. 9, Aurora, one of the Toronto's Zoo's two polar bears, gave birth to three male cubs — but two did not make it through the first 48 hours.

The yet-to-be-named surviving cub was transferred to the zoo's intensive care unit, where he has been making steady progress.

"The cub remains in a temperature controlled environment and enjoys seven feedings per day, each followed by an exercise session to help his growth and development," the zoo reports. "At the present time he is becoming more active and mobile, and is asserting his personality by growling and calling to staff. While it still remains day-to-day with a cub so young, the team remains hopeful with this small survivor."