Police Make 1 Arrest, Issue 2 Warrants In Death Of Man Found Shot Inside Beaver County Home After Fire

A body was found inside a Beaver County home that went up in flames. So far, one person is in custody and two others are on the run. As KDKA's Andy Sheehan reports, police say the fire was no accident.

Video Transcript

- Developing tonight, an investigation and search underway after a body was found inside a home that went up in flames. So far, one person is in custody and two others are on the run. And as KDKA investigator Andy Sheehan reports, police say this was no accident.

ANDY SHEEHAN: Police say this arson fire was meant to cover up a homicide. Now one suspect is in custody and a man and a woman have fled, and are now the subject of a nationwide hunt. Three of those transplanted workers lived here in this house, where neighbor Erin Walter said they often partied after their late night shifts at the plant.

ERIN WALTER: They played music really loud. We've had to unfortunately called the cops several times on them, me and a few of the other neighbors, just because they were playing music till about 3 o'clock in the morning.

ANDY SHEEHAN: On Sunday morning, it all turned deadly. Police say 26-year-old Reynaldo Contreras was shot dead. Another man, Gomez Ramos, set the house ablaze in an attempt to cover it up. Ramos is in custody charged with arson, and abuse of a corpse. Police have issued warrants for two others, Paul Rivera and Anna Morales who have fled.

According to a criminal complaint, the men began to quarrel and fight early Sunday morning. In a statement, Ramos said he left and when he returned, heard gunshots and saw Rivera and Morales flee. Ramos said he went inside and saw Contreras dead on the floor. In his statement to police, Ramos said Rivera then called him on his cell phone threatening him and telling him to place sheets on the stove to set the House on fire, which he did.

ERIN WALTER: It was on fire. We had no idea until we saw the news that somebody had actually been killed. So it's a shame.

ANDY SHEEHAN: Ramos is in custody in the Beaver County Jail. The man and the woman suspects, Paul Rivera and Anna Morales, are on the run and still at large. Reporting in big Beaver, Andy Sheehan, KDKA news.