Report: Police arrest man for allegedly shooting more than 70 rounds into Colts assistant’s home

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
The Mother's Day incident, police believe, was simply the case of mistaken identity. (Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Indianapolis police arrested a man on Monday for allegedly shooting more than 70 rounds into the home of Indianapolis Colts assistant coach Parks Fraizer on Mother’s Day earlier this year, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Police arrested 20-year-old Damarcus Turner in connection with the shooting, which they said was a “case of mistaken identity.” The shooting was the result of “a feud with known suspects,” something police said Fraizer has no ties to whatsoever. His home, they believe, was simply targeted by mistake.

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Investigators found more than 70 shell casings at Fraizer’s home on May 12, and say his house was hit by gunfire from all sides. Suspects allegedly kicked in the back door and fired shots into the home from there, too, and surrounding homes were also damaged. Fraizer’s home was empty at the time of the shooting, which took place around 6 p.m., and nobody was hurt.

Police initially said that eight men pulled up to Fraizer’s home in three different cars. It’s unclear if they are still searching for additional suspects in the shooting.

Fraizer is in his second season with the Colts. The former Murray State quarterback previously spent two seasons as an offensive graduate assistant with Arkansas State before joining the Colts as their assistant to the head coach.

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