Police: Arrests Made In Theft Of Mail From SW Miami-Dade Apartment Complex

It took place at the Sunset Bay Apartments in the 10000 block of SW 224th Street.

Video Transcript

- New details at six. After two people were detained over stolen mail in Southwest Miami-Dade, the postal inspector now tells "CBS 4 News," only one person is charged with federal mail theft. Police were called to the Sunset Bay Apartments at 10,000 Southwest 224th Street. A witness saw the two people by the mailboxes and called police who found the duo and approximately 100 pieces of mail in their possession.

- I saw them park right behind you. They parked for a while, and they came out of the car. They went towards the mailboxes right there behind me and started loading a big shopping bag full of mail, packages.

- Residents can reach out to the US Postal Service if they believe they are a victim in this crime.