Police car transporting shooting victim crashes in North Philadelphia

A police car was involved in a crash in North Philadelphia.

Video Transcript

- Chopper 6 is over some breaking news coming to us from North Philadelphia.

About half an hour ago, the police involved were transporting a shooting victim from [? D ?] [? and ?] Wyoming when they got to the 3700 block of Old York Road there in North Philadelphia. At that intersection with Erie Avenue, for some reason there was a collision with another vehicle.

You can see the police vehicle now up on the grass there off the street, and then there's the other vehicle down the block. So it looks as though they hit each other at a pretty high, straight on rate of speed, with both cars looking as though they are out of commission at the moment.

We know that police are still on the scene at this time. No word yet on the conditions of people in either car, the person in the civilian vehicle, the state of the police officers, the person they were transporting, who had been a shooting victim. We'll continue to gather information and bring it to you as it comes in.