Police chief and entire force quit 'unexpectedly' in Missouri town over pay and resources

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Bob Fritz, Kimberling’s mayor, has spoken out about losing all of his officers  (KY3)
Bob Fritz, Kimberling’s mayor, has spoken out about losing all of his officers (KY3)

A police department in Missouri has had all of its police officers resign, according to reports.

Kimberling City Police Department has been severely impacted by all of its police officers quitting the force. A total of five officers handed in their notices; three officers, a sergeant and the chief of police.

Craig Alexander. the former chief, reportedly told the town’s mayor that he wanted a new challenge and for development when he quit on 23 August. He is said to be going to work for the Branson West Police Department.

The other officers gave reasons that ranged from a shortage of qualified officers and support staff, dissatisfaction with pay and seeking other career paths.

The Mayor of Kimberling, Bob Fritz told KY3 their leaving “unexpectant and the short notice disappointing” but will keep their feedback in mind by reviewing pay and working conditions.

Responsibilities for calls supposed to go to Kimberling police officers will be handed over to Stone County Sheriff’s Office.

"It will be a struggle to fill the police department back up with qualified officers, but hopefully they can start working on that soon and get that accomplished," Doug Rader, the sheriff, told the same outlet

According to Mr Rader, his department will not be able to deal with city ordinances for Kimberling.

In addition, he gave an insight into the struggles of policing in the US today, saying a lot of departments were experiencing staffing issues.

For example, police in Phoenix have been experiencing the same issues with staffing, which is said to date back to the year 2000. However, senior officials within the City of Phoenix have noticed a growing rate of turnover in their 2,900 officers.

“We are losing on average more than 11 more than we are hiring every month. That’s a significant number and it’s not a number seeing turnaround,” Executive Assistant Chief Mike Kurkenback said, according to ABC15 on 8 September.

As an incentive to join, they are giving out $7,500 in starting bonuses. No evidence has shown it is making a difference.

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