Police Commissioner Dennis White's Attorney Addresses Investigation

Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White filed a lawsuit to stop acting Mayor Kim Janey from firing him.

Video Transcript

NICK CARTER: After months and weeks of trying to get information and to have a dialogue, which she and the city refused, she called him this morning and told him she was going to terminate him and promote Superintendent Nora Baston to commissioner. That decision is wrong.

Commissioner Dennis White does not oppose Nora Baston, and applauds her past success. In fact, he has been one of her main mentors and supporters, and was instrumental in her promotion to superintendent.

But Acting Mayor Janey's decision today is wrong. There is already a Boston police commissioner, and that is Dennis White. Acting Mayor Janey does not have the power to remove him.

There is a law, the removal statute-- chapter 322, section 7 of the Acts of 1962. That statute puts limits on the mayor of Boston, with respect to her ability to remove the police commissioner. By statute, any removal requires notice, a hearing, and cause.

Mayor Janey ran roughshod over those legal requirements today. She did not provide due notice. She did not provide a judicial hearing. And there is no cause to remove Commissioner White.

Acting Mayor Janey said that she would conduct a hearing this afternoon. But a hearing where the decision is already made is no hearing. The hearing that is required is a court hearing before an independent judge. We have filed suit this afternoon in court, in this court here, to enjoin Acting Mayor Janey and the city from their unlawful action.

The city has the burden to prove there's cause to remove Commissioner White. There is none. The city does not have evidence, and is basing their case on rumor and hearsay. Commissioner White cooperated with the investigation, and sat down and let the investigator ask all her questions. The only questions he did not answer were inappropriate ones about his private sex life with other consenting adults. That's how far off the rails this investigation got.

Commissioner White, a Black man, and only the second Black police commissioner in Boston's history, is being treated very badly, and in violation of the law. We intend to demonstrate to the court that the process here has been improper, and that he deserves to be reinstated as commissioner. Thank you.

- You mentioned that the commissioner is Black. Do you feel this is racially motivated?

NICK CARTER: I'm not going to address questions tonight. There's going to be a lot of developments, I'm sure, in the next few days, and we'll have an opportunity to follow up. Thank you very much.

- Thank you.