Police Cruiser Hit Twice Within Minutes on Icy Texas Highway

A police cruiser was hit not once but twice in icy conditions in Irving, Texas, on the night of February 18.

Bodycam footage released by police opens with an officer inspecting the damage to his vehicle from a first collision.

Minutes later, as he’s clear of the vehicle, a pickup and trailer slide out of control and smash into the cruiser.

The officer then radios saying, “We just got hit again.”

The Irving Police Department said no one was injured in the two collisions, but urged people to “please drive with caution!” Credit: Irving Police Department via Storyful

Video Transcript

- 251, [INAUDIBLE].

- 251, go ahead.


- We just got it again. Send us another unit.

- 250, do you copy?

- 10-4. [INAUDIBLE].

- You all right, man? Hey, hurry up. Get out quick before you get hit. Yeah, where-- however you want to get out, it don't matter. Hey, just-- just get over here as quick as you can, man. Don't get hit.

- Thank you, officer.

- Sure, man.