Police Drone Finds Fugitive Who's Been Living in a Cave for 17 Years

Photo credit: Yongshan Police
Photo credit: Yongshan Police

From Popular Mechanics

  • Chinese police used a drone to help them capture Song Moujiang, an escaped fugitive, who had been arrested several years ago on human trafficking charges.

  • Authorities employed the use of a drone due to the difficulties in navigating the tough terrain.

  • The drone captured footage of what appeared to be a blue ceiling tile—a color in stark contrast to the surrounding greenery—which prompted officers to believe that they had located Moujiang.

A drone recently captured fugitive Song Moujiang, a Chinese human trafficker who had escaped prison 17 years ago.

Yongshan County police shared the news of finding the man's secret cave dwelling with the help of a drone on their WeChat account. Reports note that at the beginning of last month, a group looking for Moujiang obtained information regarding his whereabouts thanks to a tip that led them to the mountain range behind the fugitive's hometown.

Police tried searching through the dense foliage but had trouble reaching certain parts of the mountain, so they decided to use a drone to scan the portions of mountain they couldn't access.

After the drone combed over the area for around five hours, authorities spotted what looked like a blue tile, indicating that someone had set up a makeshift shelter in the area. Upon closer inspection, authorities noticed "traces of activity and domestic garbage," leading them to investigate.

Police broke up into three groups to approach the cave in the hopes of apprehending Moujiang—a task they accomplished after more than an hour of hiking the unsteady and steep terrain.

Moujiang was found living in a 22-square-foot hovel filled with trash and had reportedly lost some ability to communicate since he had been in seclusion for so long. Moujiang has since sent back to prison.

Photo credit: Yongshan Police
Photo credit: Yongshan Police

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