Man shot in the face, shoulder in Pittsburgh’s Elliott neighborhood

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People in the neighborhood say they’re shocked that this happened in broad daylight.

“Once I heard pop, pop, pop, pop, I got down between my sofa and my table,” said Randy Morris.

Morris is talking about a shooting caught on camera on Lorenz Avenue.

In the video, two people are seen chasing a silver car while shooting guns.

They then run away in the opposite direction.

We saw Pittsburgh police taking photos of the bullet holes that hit Morris’ house.

“They did hit the house a couple of times. It didn’t come all the way through, but it did come into the house,” said Morris.

Another neighbor who saw the shooting tells Channel 11 she’s shocked that this happened in her normally quiet neighborhood in broad daylight.

According to police, at least 21 shots were fired along the 700 block of Lorenz Avenue around 3:10 pm. Police say one man was shot in the face and shoulder. Police found him inside a car on the West End Bridge.

“It was scary. I never heard anything like that. You don’t really know how rattling it can be inside until you actually hear it in person,” said Morris.

Morris says he hopes the other surveillance cameras in the area help police find the two people who could have taken someone’s life.

If you can help police identify the gunmen, give them a call.