Police Fatally Shoot Carjacking Suspect In Burnsville

Burnsville Police say a carjacking suspect is dead after he was shot by officers Sunday afternoon, reports Marielle Mohs (2:13). WCCO 4 News At 5:30 - April 18, 2021

Video Transcript

- We're following breaking news about a deadly officer involved shooting in Burnsville tonight. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating. Our Marielle Mohs is live in Burnsville with the very latest.

MARIELLE MOHS: Hey Jeff, so just to paint the picture of what the scene looks like right now, Highway 13 behind me is closed down in both directions. You can obviously see a very heavy law enforcement presence is here. We have state troopers, Burnsville, police and Burnsville fire. Across interstate-- Highway 13 you see a group of people. Those are actually Black Lives Matter protests. They said, you've got to stop shooting and killing people. That's what they're chanting right now.

So if we pan over closer here to Highway 13, by the way this is the intersection where 35W and 13 meet, there's a ditch near on ramp of Highway 13 where there's a white Ford Fusion. That's the suspected stolen vehicle, the car that the suspect was driving at the time that this all unfolded. Here is a listen from police scanners of how the pursuit unfolded.

- Sounds like a carjacking that just occurred. Suspect fled, headed out towards now Northbound 35 from 42. He is in a white Fusion.

- Copy. Northbound, 13th 33W. Back windows shot out, have not returned fire.

- 10-4, he is on foot now and then car jacked another vehicle.

- [INAUDIBLE]. Suspect's down. Highway 13, 35W.

MARIELLE MOHS: OK, so what we're just learning in the last few minutes from Burnsville police is that the suspect is dead. He's a white man in his 20s. He was taken from the scene and brought to Hennepin County Medical Center where he died. So how this unfolded initially is police encountered the White Ford Fusion. They encountered the White Ford Fusion and noticed that it had stolen plates. From there they pursued that vehicle. They realized later that that same man driving that vehicle had attempted to carjack a woman at gunpoint. At one point the suspect tried to get out of the vehicle and run on foot, attempted to carjack another car on Highway 13. And that's when police fired, and he went down and is now pronounced dead, Jeff.

- A lot of new information coming in. Thank you, Elle, for that report.