Police: Hours-Long Shelter In Place In Deptford Township Lifted With No Threat To Public; 1 Arrest Made

Officers say 41-year-old Michael F. Dorazo, of Glendora, New Jersey, had forced his way inside the home and fired the shots.

Video Transcript

- Man walking around with handguns and an assault weapon is why people in a part of Deptford Township had to shelter in place for hours. The Closter County Prosecutor's Office in a news release that came this morning says 41-year-old Michael Dorazo forced his way into a home on Pasadena Avenue, fired shots, then ran off. Officers say he was in the surrounding neighborhood there in Deptford with two handguns and a high power assault weapon.

That's when SWAT teams moved in. There was an extensive search. Then around 9:45 in the evening, officers found Dorazo in that neighborhood. They say he failed to listen to calls to surrender, and pointed a gun at officers. Police were able to tackle, disarm, and arrest him. Dorazo faces multiple charges, including attempted murder.