Police on the hunt for armed suspects after Marysville shoot-out

Police from multiple agencies are on a hunt for armed suspects after shots were fired in Marysville.

According to the Marysville Police Department, there were several 911 calls about hearing gunfire overnight in the 8400 block of 41st Drive Northeast.

Officers from around the region responded to the area.

Residents were originally asked to secure their pets inside and lock their doors.

Police believe three armed suspects arrived in a stolen car and confronted a homeowner at their doorstep.

The homeowner was also armed and shots were fired between the two.

The three suspects ran off on foot, leading to a “large-scale search” with multiple K9s and drones.

The search went on for several hours as law enforcement looked for the suspects.

One suspect was found by a K9 and arrested. The two other suspects are still on the loose.

Law enforcement has gathered evidence.

“This is an active investigation,” said the Marysville Police Department. “If further information becomes available that does not hinder the investigation, such as suspect or suspect vehicle information, it will be released to the public.”

Police are asking people who live in the area to review any video from overnight and to report suspicious activity.