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Police interview South Dakota AG after fatal crash

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Investigators questioning South Dakota's attorney general after a fatal car crash pressed him on how he did not realize he had struck a man and whether he had been checking email and news sites on his phone immediately before. (Feb. 24)

Video Transcript

JASON RAVNSBORG: And then, quite frankly, wham.

- OK.

JASON RAVNSBORG: I hit, you know-- the incident happened. I never saw anything.

But then I come up, and it was the man. And he is not in good-- I mean, he's dead.

- So what would you think, though, if I told you that when they did the phone extraction--


- --they found some internet activity on your phone around that time?

JASON RAVNSBORG: Well, I guess-- I don't not use my phone, but I did not use it at the time of the crash.

First time-- the first time--

- They're Joe's glasses.

JASON RAVNSBORG: I wondered-- I wondered about that.

- So that means his face came through your windshield.