Police Investigating 4 Attempted Kidnappings In Denton County

Police in Corinth and Denton are looking into four separate kidnapping attempts within the last several days.

Video Transcript

- Another attempted kidnapping for Denton County. Police believe the same man is behind now four separate attempts, the initial one starting last week. Now this latest incident happened this afternoon in Corinth. Police there say this suspect tried to lure a woman into his car. This was near Lake Sharon Drive in Oakmont in Corinth.

Police believe he also tried to kidnap two other women on Saturday, one in Corinth, the other in South Denton. These incidents happened, we're told, only 15 minutes apart. And the two cases, he actually showed a gun, told a woman to get into a car. Those, at least, from yesterday. We are told one of those victims complied, but was able to escape after a short distance drive.

Now if that wasn't enough, police now believe the first kidnapping attempt actually happened on Thursday. And that case is approaching a woman in Corinth on her front porch. She was told to be quiet and to go with him.

In all of these cases, the women were able to get away. And police in Corinth today warning all now to be vigilant.

CAPT. JIMMIE GREGG: Our message is to stay vigilant, to be aware of your surroundings. If you're going out for a jog, don't go by yourself.

- Now the suspect is believed to be driving a car just like this one. This is a silver or light blue SUV, believed to be a BMW-type SUV. If you have any kind of information at all, please give police in Denton and Corinth a call.