Police Investigating Recent Reports Of Home Invasions In Canton, Other Southeast Baltimore Neighborhoods

Baltimore City Police are investigating reports of an increase in home invasions in Canton and other southeast Baltimore neighborhoods.

Video Transcript

VIC CARTER: Caught on camera in Southeast Baltimore. Police say a group is terrorizing the neighborhood, breaking into homes and even holding people at gunpoint, demanding car keys. Hello, everyone. I'm Vic Carter.

RICK RITTER: And I'm Rick Ritter. Now as you can imagine, this has people who live in places like Canton and Upper Fells on edge as police investigate this recent spike in home invasions.

VIC CARTER: WJZ is live. Kelsey Kushner spoke to neighbors and has new information from police. Kelsey.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Vic, Rick, well, police say that they have received a number of reports from neighbors about a group of teenagers who are breaking into their homes, either through doors or unopened windows, while they are sleeping. And tonight neighbors say it is concerning.

Spotted in Southeast Baltimore.

DELIGHT JUMP: The breaking in is a problem.

KELSEY KUSHNER: A group of teens trying to break into homes, terrorizing neighbors.

ARCH MCKOWN: I think that it's unsettling.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Baltimore City Police say in the first two weeks of March there were at least four reported home invasions in Southeast Baltimore, including Brewers Hill, Canton, and Upper Fells. The teens, armed with guns and knives, entered homes through unlocked windows or doors in the early morning hours while people were sleeping inside. They then stole money, cars, and electronics.

ARCH MCKOWN: These guys are checking doors and windows, and if it's not locked they'll cut a screen, or they'll just open the door and then they'll work their way in.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Arch McCowan with the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association says on East Baltimore Street the suspects successfully broke into a neighbor's home. And when the homeowner woke up, the suspects put a knife to their throat and stole their car. He says two other incidents where homeowners woke up and were held at knife point happened on South Curlee Street and East Lombard Street. And during a fourth incident, the suspects held the victim at gunpoint before stealing their car.

ARCH MCKOWN: It feels very violating for neighbors.

KELSEY KUSHNER: As the numbers continue to climb, police remind neighbors to be careful.

- Lock your doors. Don't give anybody opportunities.

KELSEY KUSHNER: So they don't fall victim too.

DELIGHT JUMP: Overall, I feel that crime happens everywhere. And we're just more aware that it's more likely to happen here and we have to keep vigilant.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Now police say that they were able to arrest two out of four of those teenagers. They're still asking for the public's help to help track down those other two.

Reporting live tonight, Kelsey Kushner for WJZ.