Police Investigating Shooting Death In Claremont, 71-Year-Old Man In Custody

A 71-year-old man was taken into custody Wednesday after a person was found shot to death in Claremont.

Video Transcript

- We begin here at 4:00 with breaking news. Police investigating a homicide in a quiet Claremont neighborhood after one person was found shot to death.

- KCAL 9's Rick Montanez is live at the scene and Rick, we're hearing that a 71-year-old man is in custody?

RICK MONTANEZ: Yeah, one person in custody right now, Chris and Suzie. Right now investigators have the neighborhood closed off so detectives can process the crime scene. We can show you where they're focusing their work right now. It's that blue house you see off in the distance. This is on Salem Court just north of Scripps Drive here in Claremont.

We have some video for you from Sky 9 overhead just a short time ago. What we know right now is one person was found shot and later died at a hospital. The victim was found with a gunshot wound, laid out in the street this morning around 8:20. Claremont police responded after receiving 911 calls for gunshots.

The victim, as I mentioned, died a short time later at the hospital at Pomona Valley Medical Center. Investigators tell us a 72-year-old man is now in custody for this. Detectives say they recovered a handgun here at the scene as well. And as we come back to the crime scene here, I want to tell you that I talked with investigators.

Claremont police lieutenant who says the detectives are finishing up their work here. They've been out here for several hours. They're almost done here and once they finish, they will gather everything, all the evidence they have here, and then they will head back to the station, he says. And after that is when they're expecting to provide us with more information about what happened.

As far as witnesses though, we haven't been able to talk with anybody. You could see it's pretty big crime scene here where they're keeping us quite a distance away from where the actual crime happened. We'll have updates for you throughout the afternoon and evening. Reporting live in Claremont, Rick Montanez, KCAL 9 News.

- All right, Rick. Thank you.