Police launch new strategy to enforce parking at Charlotte business

Charlotte’s Wilmore neighborhood near South End may soon get some relief from drivers who illegally park their cars.

Channel 9 reported in November 2022 that residents and businesses were fuming about cars being parked illegally throughout their neighborhood.

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The illegally parked vehicles were blocking driveways and parking lots for businesses.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are now towing the vehicles instead of issuing tickets.

Jabrel Walker said he loves going to work as an installer and detailer in Charlotte’s Wilmore neighborhood.

However, Walker doesn’t appreciate seeing all the cars that shouldn’t be there.

“It’s cars lining the street,” Walker said. “Parking in front of driveways, blocking our driveway, parking in front of the shop door and everything.”

Walker said illegal parking in the Wilmore neighborhood has been going on for years thanks to people going to Carolina Panthers games or nearby bars and restaurants.

Illegal parkers will now be towed immediately instead of getting a $25 ticket.

City records say “CMPD agrees that the low fine amount of $25 does not deter subjects from illegal parking,” so now police “will begin towing illegally parked vehicles immediately.”

Victoria Watlington represents this area on the City Council.

“We want to make sure everybody’s neighborhood is respected,” Watlington said.

She said it’s the right move until the council can consider raising the fine.

“I’m hopeful towing will be a stopgap,” Watlington said.

The first test of the new strategy will be Friday night when the Panthers host the Detroit Lions in a preseason game.

CMPD has been called to the Wilmore neighborhood 530 times this year, of which 22 of those calls were for cars parked illegally.

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