Police and Local Walmart Rally to Replace Boy's 'Priceless' Stolen Tractor

Police in Tempe, Arizona, responded to a father’s Facebook post about his son’s “priceless” Gator Tractor by raising funds from their union and a local Walmart to get the boy a replacement.

“I will sell whatever I can to come up with a reward if this is returned,” Peter Philbrook wrote of his son Gerald’s stolen tractor. “It’s not worth much in dollars but the time spent with my son making this work is priceless.”

Philbrook’s post was seen by the wife of patrol sergeant Andrew Brooks and shared with him. Brooks and his colleagues rallied round, raising funds, with contributions made by a local Walmart and the Tempe Officers Association, and presented Gerald with his new tractor.

The boy was delighted. Credit: Tempe Police via Storyful

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