Eight Seattle women claim they were sexually harassed by the same man

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Seattle police are searching for a man suspected of exposing himself to half a dozen women in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood within the last week.

According to the SPD, “between July 18 and 25, police received multiple reports that a man had exposed himself and made biased and threatening statements to the women.” They also claim the man “injured one woman’s service dog.”

Both Megan Tucci and Anna McAllister claim they are among his victims.

The two posted about their terrifying experiences on Nextdoor, and not long after that, a connection was made. Tucci and McAllister say they were attacked in broad daylight as they took a morning walk through Seattle Center.

By McAllister’s account, her run-in happened first on July 19 around 8:30 a.m. The 52-year-old says she walked past the man and noticed he was masturbating. They made eye contact, and then he began to trail her, making comments behind her back.

I just thought, ‘This is a troubled man who’s talking to himself,’” said McAllister. “It took another minute or two before I realized, ‘Oh, he’s following me, and he’s talking to me.’”

McAllister says after minutes of putting up with the pursuit, she decided to respond.

“I turned and shouted, ‘Stop following me!’” said McAllister. “He immediately took out his penis and started masturbating in my direction. I took off, basically running toward the fountain, and he followed yelling a scary threat of sexual assault.”

McAllister found Tucci’s story eerily similar. Tucci says one day after McAllister’s incident, a man of a similar description started following her as she passed McCaw Hall.

Police are seeking information about any unreported incidents that could lead to the man’s arrest.

Anyone who has been harassed, assaulted, or threatened is asked to call the Sexual Assault Unit at 206-684-5575.

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