Police: Man Caught On Surveillance Video Brutally Beating Small Dog

Ross Township Police are asking the public for help in identifying a man caught on surveillance video brutally beating a small dog. KDKA's Nicole Ford has more.

Video Transcript

KYM GABLE: A graphic video shows a man choking and slamming a little dog outside a local hotel. Now, police want you to see his picture so they can track him down. Nicole Ford is live in Ross Township with the shocking video. Nicole.

NICOLE FORD: Kym, police are calling this investigation heartbreaking. Video surveillance from that hotel shows repeated acts of animal cruelty. And the person involved has yet to be identified. That's why police are turning to the community for help. But first, we want to warn you that portions of this video, you may find disturbing.

Surveillance video outside of the Intown Suites, clear as day, shows a little, white dog exit the Ross Township building with a small group of people on Tuesday.

BRIAN KOHLHEPP: The dog runs to the tree line as they leave the hotel. You can see one of the men in the group retrieves the dog and starts to carry it back.

NICOLE FORD: That's where this video takes a turn. Police say it was a punch with a closed fist to the dog's face.

BRIAN KOHLHEPP: This person in the white hoodie grabs the dog in a chokehold, slams the dog against the side of the GMC Yukon, and then throws the dog into the car.

NICOLE FORD: Police say this is the man in the white hoodie, captured on another camera in the hotel. The situation caused an uproar from people in the hotel screaming from the windows. Police say that's when the man starts to throw things up at them.

BRIAN KOHLHEPP: Nothing that we could see in the video that would cause him to be provoked other than the fact that the dog ran towards the tree line. But, you know, dogs tend to do that to go to the restroom.

NICOLE FORD: Police have opened an investigation. First, they're looking into the woman who rented the hotel room, but also need the public's help to find this man.

BRIAN KOHLHEPP: We're very concerned and we're concerned about the well-being of this dog. At this point, we have no idea of the condition of this dog or where it may be. So on top of identifying the individual, we would like to be able to determine if this dog is OK. And where it is and if it needs any veterinary treatment to be able to get that provider to it.

NICOLE FORD: Police believe this man is local to the Pittsburgh area. They are working to track that Yukon based off the license plate. Now, as for who the dog belonged to, police believe one of the three people in that group. So they are asking anyone with any information to give Ross Township Police a call. For now, we're live in Ross Township tonight, Nicole Ford, KDKA News.