Police: Methuen man texting while driving, high before crashing into Haverhill home

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Sep. 30—HAVERHILL — A Methuen man admitted to smoking marijuana, texting while driving and speeding before he blacked out and drove into a house in Haverhill's Bradford section Tuesday morning, according to police.

However, that man — 24-year-old Jonathan Abraham — agreed to a one-year probation term that will dismiss the charges against him if successfully completed.

Appearing in Haverhill District Court before Judge Cesar Archilla on Wednesday, Abraham admitted to the facts and his case was continued without a finding until Sept. 29, 2022.

He lost his license for 45 days and must remain drug- and alcohol-free with random screenings, among other terms, court officials said.

According to a police report prepared by responding Officer Eric MacKinnon, police were dispatched to 2 Winchester St. shortly before 11:30 a.m. for a report of a car into a house.

When MacKinnon arrived, he saw a 2018 Honda Accord had driven into the side of 85 Kingsbury Ave. MacKinnon spoke with the driver, Abraham, who said he was driving and "blacked out" before crashing the car.

Abraham said he was coming from Methuen, had smoked marijuana 20 minutes before, and remembers texting while driving approximately 40 mph before "blacking out and crashing."

The speed limit in the residential area where the crash occurred is 30 mph, according to police.

As a result of the crash, a section of chain-link fence on Winchester Street was damaged, as was hardscape, bushes, two sections of fencing on Kingsbury Avenue and patio furniture, police said. The foundation of 85 Kingsbury Ave. was also damaged, though the building inspector deemed it not structural, MacKinnon wrote in his report.

A search of Abraham's car yielded three bags of a "green leafy substance believed to be marijuana," $228 in cash, and a FunGuy Dark Chocolate bar with pieces missing. According to MacKinnon's police report, that brand of chocolates is "advertised to contain psilocybin, the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms."

A backpack found in the car contained three more bags of a leafy green substance, four packages of Troller marijuana gummies, TKO edibles with pieces missing, and additional cash. Police also found a device to deliver Whippets and three CO2 cartridges in the box and 20 in the bag, MacKinnon wrote in his report. Whippets are the slang term used for huffing nitrous oxide in order to produce a temporary high.

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