Police: Multiple Victims In Shooting At Business In Bryan, Texas

Police are currently working the scene of a shooting with multiple victims at a business in Bryan, Texas, Thursday afternoon, police said.

Video Transcript

- Good afternoon. I'm Lieutenant Jason James with the Bryan police department. Today, April the 8th at approximately 2:30 PM. We received a call of a shooting here at 350 st. Stone city drive.

Officers responded. They found several victims. And they were checking the area checking the building looking for more victims. Right now the subject is at large. And we have more information coming in.

This is a fluid event still so we're still trying to get some more information for you. But we're asking that everybody stay away from the area. I know we're kind of set off of FM 2018. But we still ask that there's no extra traffic coming through that could impair the officers or the first responders and medics.

- Sergeant is there any description of the suspect. And do we know if there's more than one person that you're looking for with this.

- I do not know that at this time. Right now we feel that the scene is safe behind me. So we believe everybody left. We're just trying to piece together what exactly took place leading up to this.

So I don't have the suspect information or description at this time. Maybe in a few more minutes, as we make phone calls we can get some more for you.

- What do you say to the family and friends of people who work there. Is or is there some place they should be going, or somebody they should be calling to check on there.

- Right now, a lot of the guys are down there. They're being interviewed about what took place. Employers and employees the employees are down there.

So they're working through that. If you can reach them by phone you can. If not, just give us time and we'll get some more information to you.

- Has there been any law enforcement that has been injured?

- No, ma'am. Not here at this site. Law enforcement showed up it was already over with.

- Can you tell me how many ambulances are pieces of equipment.

- I know a lot came. But I don't know the number of ambulances. Do you know the number of that.

- I heard we were at 6. And I think that pretty much was able to.

- Yeah 6 ambulances arrived. Right now, pretty much everybody from Bryant Brazos County. We had College Station respond. Brian PD respomd, Texas A&M University, the constables, Bryce County Sheriff's Office. Everybody respond DPS they all responded here to assist.

- Do we know is there anybody who didn't survive?

- I don't know that one. I just know there are several victims. I know if some were transported to st. Joe's. So we're just have to wait to see their status.

- You know the condition of any of those who were in?

- I do not know.

- I heard you say you all of the injured are employees of more cabinet or--

- I cannot say that. I cannot say if they all are not.

- Doing anything yet on a connection to this.

- I do not. They're still the detectives are down there. We're just letting the investigation play out. So we can get all that information off of what caused this, how it developed, who's all involved. We're still working on getting that information out.

- Obviously, your agency prepares and trained for something like this. Can you talk just a little bit more in general about what kind of a response you send to a scene, such as this one.

- Any large scene like this. And I say it's large just because the building. You have multiple entrances and exits. And we practice that. We talk about which location that officer's going in to make sure we're communicating to other officers.

We train with the Brown fire department. So that we are able to link up with them once it's safe. Get anybody that's injured out safely. And have those medics on scene. So this is something that we train for.

I would say once, twice a year. For the last few years it's something that we work on of working with multi agencies. Because we know and even through the past events in Brazos County, that all agencies respond.

So we try to work with all of them. Communicate with all of them. Everyone knows what they need to do when they get there.

- The school across the street, what happened with them?

- I imagine they're on lockdown. I did not confirm that. Now that the scene is a little different from what it was earlier today. They might be able to already been released.

- Students down been.

- Yeah so it's, I would imagine at the very beginning it was on lockdown just for safety concerns.

- Anything on what type of weapon.

- I, no sir. I do not.

- Have a final question for me what's happening at this point. Like what's happening right now at the scene.

- When I went down there there, was a lot of employees. And so there a lot of detectives are coming in. And interviewing all of them. What they see, what they hear, just working through the investigation of what took place.

If it was mobile. If it went through different rooms. You know just the basics of trying to figure out what's going on.

So right now, we have the scene set up. We're going to be doing interviews. And then we're going to be looking into the crime scene come out there and collect all the evidence.

- I don't know if it's been mentioned but you know what time is?

- The first call came in approximately at 2:30 PM.

- We know with the number of injuries, is there is still.

- I don't know. All I know is yourself several injuries.

- Can we get confirmation.

- Hopefully, here pretty soon. Once we get through this interview, I can start making phone calls. Find out more information that's coming in. They have down there that we can release. And he'll be we will be releasing more information as we go.

- And they're sending everyone to think.

- That's where they should be going. Yes Ma'am. OK.

- It took bounced off to your question. Is there any federal law enforcement the FBI or anybody who's been called in to help?

- No sir.

- OK.