Police negotiating with armed barricade suspect inside home

Yonkers police say the suspect threatened and fired at officers who had gone to the home to conduct a welfare check.

Video Transcript

- We begin with that developing story in Westchester County. Police called to a home on Livingston Avenue for an armed and emotionally disturbed person barricaded.

- When officers arrived to make a welfare check, the suspect fired at them several times. Police have closed off the area and are negotiating now to try and resolve the situation there. Eyewitness News reporter Naveen Dhaliwal joins us from the scene. Naveen?

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: And Joe, it's been a tense six hours as police have been trying to communicate with this man barricaded inside of a home on Livingston Avenue. We're about a block away, as you had just mentioned, that parts of the area have been blocked off for a one block radius. Now, Yonkers Police and the SWAT team arrived here around 11 o'clock this morning.

Four reports of an armed suspect inside that house. We're told, he's emotionally disturbed and threatened to fire at officers as they went to the home to do a welfare check. Well, police confirm, the suspect fired shots at officers, and they returned fire.

Now, thankfully, no injuries to report, and anyone living within a block of this home is told to shelter in pace and stay away from doors and windows. Again, Yonkers Police are trying to negotiate with that armed man inside that house. They tell us, right now, they believe that he is alone, but they won't know for sure, until all of this is over. Reporting live in Yonkers, tonight, Naveen Dhaliwal, Channel 7 Eyewitness News.