Police: No bomb found in suitcase left at state rep's office, only military memorabilia

Jan. 19—JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — A suspicious suitcase left at the Lower Yoder Township office door of state Rep. Frank Burns, D-East Taylor Township, contained military pins, ribbons, patches and books, but no bomb, authorities said Thursday.

An employee who was returning from lunch found the roll-away suitcase on June 3 on its side next to a gas meter.

West Hills Regional police and Lower Yoder Township firefighters shut down the 500 block of Fairfield Avenue between Strayer Street and Plymouth Avenue as a precaution.

When the suitcase was examined, police found no explosive device, just neckties and military memorabilia. Also found was a metal box containing a drinking glass and a USS Missouri military patch.

"It was determined there was no crime and no threat," West Hills police Detective Dean West said.

"We have no idea what the purpose was for it being left in front of Burns' office."

Burns, who went on to win re-election in the 72nd Legislative District, said at the time he had not received any threats, police said.

Now, police are hoping to return the suitcase to its rightful owner.

Anyone wishing to claim the suitcase and contents is asked to contact West Hills Regional Police Department at 814-255-4145.