Police Officer Helps Kid Learn to Ride Bike in North Carolina

An officer from High Point Police Department in North Carolina helped a child who was learning to ride a bike on November 29.

Footage by the department captured Officer Sepulveda holding the bike up as the boy – who lives across the street from the police station – pedaled around the parking lot.

The department told Storyful that the boy’s mother approached officers to ask if a male figure could show him how to ride the bike that he got as a gift last Christmas, explaining that his father was no longer in the picture.

“Officer Sepulveda willingly agreed to assist and was able to adjust the seat to the correct height,” High Point Police Department said to Storyful.

“The officer held onto the seat for several rounds around the parking lot and the child eventually was able to learn to ride the bike within several minutes of the officer assisting.” Credit: High Point Police Department via Storyful