Police officer opens fire at suspect in SW Fresno

A suspect was injured after being shot by officers in southwest Fresno on Thursday night.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news.

WARREN ARMSTRONG: And we begin with that breaking news out of two areas of Fresno tonight. One shooting investigation leads to another as police say they were forced to open fire.

MARGOT KIM: We have live team coverage on the gunfire spanning the city. Action News reporter, Gilbert Magallon is live from South West Fresno with what we know right now. Gilbert.

GILBERT MAGALLON: Well, Warren and Margot, what we know so far is that there was a shootout between police officers and a shooting suspect. We know that that suspect was hit at least once and is expected to survive. Meanwhile, no officers were injured. All of this, though, took place about half a mile up from where we're at now at Whitesbridge and Thorne.

We've seen several detective vehicles, as well as police Cruisers, make their way up into the scene, and you'll see a lot of those flashing lights out there in the distance. Now officers tell us before the shooting occurred, officers made contact with the gunman in Southwest Fresno just after 9:00 tonight. They say his vehicle fit the description of a vehicle involved in a different shooting that had just happened in Northeast Fresno.

The gunman led police on a chase and crashed into a fence at the Chandler Airport. That was followed by the shootout between the officers and the suspect, and as mentioned, that suspect was hit at least once. Neighbors in the area tell us that they heard close to 15 gunshots after that chase happened. Now back out here live, officers tell us they're going to be out here for several more hours, and possibly into the early morning. For now in Southwest Fresno, Gilbert Magallon, ABC30 Action News.

MARGOT KIM: Thank you, Gilbert. Team coverage continues now where it all began, as a shooting investigation in Northeast Fresno.

WARREN ARMSTRONG: That's where Action News reporter, Nathalie Granda, joins us now live with more information about the woman who was shot tonight near Gearheart and Fairmont Avenues. Nathalie.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Well, Warren and Margot, you can see that there still are units here at the scene near the El Cortez apartment. Several detectives still canvassing the area and speaking to witnesses to try and determine what happened here at this location. Now, as you mentioned, officers responded to a victim of a shooting here. Around 9 o'clock, officers arrived and found an adult woman shot.

Now earlier, our crews were here when what appears to have looked like a chase started unfolding. Meanwhile, an ambulance did carry a victim from the scene. She was taken to the hospital, while witnesses on the scene gave a description of a suspect and a suspect's car.

Now, I can't tell you at this point that the woman involved is still alive. We will be updating you on her condition, both on-air and online. For now, live in Northeast Fresno, Nathalie Granda, ABC30 Action News.