Police officers searching for missing child find note shaming them for parking in space reserved for parents

Police officers were left shocked after returning to find a bizarre note left on the windshield of their patrol car.

While addressing a call about a lost child, officers from the Plymouth Central and University Policing Team in the U.K. parked in a supermarket lot space reserved for parents. But a person who witnessed them snapping up the spot became furious and left an angry note on the windshield that read, “Nice child in your car Mr. Policeman! Guilty!!”

Officers posted a photo of the note on Twitter, explaining why they chose the spot.

“The officer was dealing with two immediate [job] logs,” the tweet read. “A vulnerable child that was missing from home and a male that had fallen and sustained a head injury. The officer parked in the 1st space available.”

Most people slammed the mysterious note writer on Twitter and threw their support behind the officers.

“Some people need to get a life,” one commented. Another wrote, “For goodness sake, a policeman on duty should be one of the few people who can park where they like or, as in this case, need to. How ridiculous that person is making a hard job harder.”

Another person tweeted, “So what’s more important, a police officer parking as close as possible, as quickly as possible, to someone in immediate need of assistance, or a parent who has to walk a bit further? I ask as a parent myself.”

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