Police Find Party Bus Packed With People, Weapons In Brooklyn

Police say they discovered a party bus in Brooklyn packed with people and weapons after a tip; CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.

Video Transcript

- A party bus found packed with people and weapons.

- That's what police say they discovered in Brooklyn after a tip. CBS 2's Jessica Moore reports.

JESSICA MOORE: Cell phone video shows the moment police bust a party bus full of guns around 12:30 Friday morning.

MIGUEL IGLESIAS: They were just doing their duties. They started to hear rumblings about this party bus that was carrying all these guns, these individuals with all these guns. The squad quickly identified the bus and found a safe location to pull it over.

JESSICA MOORE: That place was the corner of Front and York Streets in Dumbo, Brooklyn. After following up on social media chatter, police discovered eight loaded guns inside the bus along with 58 rounds of ammunition seen here. They arrested 14 people, including 11 adults and three juveniles.

MIGUEL IGLESIAS: I want to praise the officers as they continue to take the guns off our streets.

JESSICA MOORE: The situation is also raising COVID concerns, as police say 41 people were on board the bus, possibly celebrating an 18th birthday party. On its website, the CEO of Party Bus Express, LLC says, a party bus is a better alternative for events because people will only be exposed to guests they're familiar with. The statement goes on to say, quote, "Continue the party without hesitation."

Party Bus Express declined to comment on the arrests involving one of its buses but insists its COVID precautions are adequate. The Department of Health would not comment on COVID capacity restrictions for private bus companies. We also reached out to the governor's office but have not yet heard back. Those arrested now face weapons charges. Jessica Moore, CBS 2 News.