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Police Question Person of Interest After Child Is Shot Near Grant Park On Lake Shore Drive

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The shooting happened in the midday hours Tuesday on northbound Lake Shore Drive and left the 21-month-old boy in "grave" condition as a bullet fragment traveled to his brain. CBS 2's Chris Tye reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: But first, we begin with that breaking news right now. Police questioning a person of interest in the shooting of a toddler on Lakeshore Drive.

IRIKA SARGENT: The one-year-old boy shot just after 11:00 AM today near Grant Park while in the backseat of a car. He's being treated at Lurie Children's Hospital. That's where our Chris Tye has an update for us now. Chris.

CHRIS TYE: Brad, Irika, a lot of late-day developments. The mayor saying around 3 o'clock today that CPD had a car that they were looking at and they wanted to learn more from. Then an hour ago, CPD said, yes, they are questioning someone related to this case. That is all we know. We could learn more on that here in the very near future. That's on the suspect front.

On the victim front, we've learned he is 21 months old, right now going through multiple surgeries for what we're told is bullet fragments on the brain. All of this stemming from a case of road rage.

- She's saying that the baby was shot.

CHRIS TYE: Police radio laying out a multi-block shooting incident that shut down Lakeshore Drive from Roosevelt to Monroe before noon today. Gunfire targeting this white car, bullet markings still evident there. One bullet striking the temple of a one-year-old boy inside, who remains in grave condition.

- And she was saying her baby had been shot.

CHRIS TYE: This driver, who didn't want to be identified, was rear-ended by that white car. Another passerby stopped to help the boy and his mom, driving them to the hospital. Police say the entire incident would shut down northbound Lakeshore Drive for two hours, was sparked by road rage, with those pulling the trigger able to get away.

JA'MAL GREEN: We got to step up as community and not tolerate this anymore.

CHRIS TYE: Tonight, a $5,000 reward is out for information leading to an arrest from community activist Ja'mal Green. As he puts up his money, police dig into who was behind the attack triggered by one driver who refused to let another into their lane. Tonight, the 21-month-old remains on a ventilator. Doctors saying he's remarkably resilient.

MARCELO MALAKOOTI: Because of the gunshot wound to the brain, we just treat through the brain injury. We help to support him through brain injury and through head injury.

CHRIS TYE: Let's talk about that good Samaritan for a moment. We still at this hour do not know who that person is or what sort of motivated them to jump in and take action, but that doctor you just heard from, Brad, said that his quick action, getting that child here so quickly, certainly helped.

And one other thing-- I did speak to the boy's family, extended family, just a short time ago here at the hospital. They said he was the bright light in their life. Extended family not allowed up on the floor because of COVID protocols. He's only there with his mom and medical staff.

BRAD EDWARDS: So touch and go right now. Chris, we understand a weapon was also found in the vehicle of the boy, the little victim. A weapon was found in the vehicle he was traveling in, as well?

CHRIS TYE: That's right. That white vehicle you saw in the story, that's the car he was traveling in. Police at a press conference around 1:45 today said that they did find a weapon in that car, as well. They don't know exactly what to pull from that, but it is one of the many moving parts to this story here in the 6 o'clock hour.

BRAD EDWARDS: Yeah, credence to a potential road-rage story here. Chris Tye, we appreciate your work. Thank you. For up-to-the-minute coverage on breaking news as it happens, make sure to download our new CBS Chicago app.